2014 Ohio Optimist International
Junior Golf Championship Thomas Frazier Memorial
Ohio Junior Golf Championship Qualifier:

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The Ohio Pre-Qualifiers will be on Saturday, May 10, 2014. All junior golfers must play in a pre-qualifier event, held at one of the following golf course locations below, to be eligible to participate in the Ohio District Championship.

J.E. Good Park Golf Course
Community Golf Course

For pre-qualifier on-line registration, tee times, results and all other information on Ohio Optimist Junior Golf, go to: http://golf.optimist.org/oh
Beckett Ridge Golf Club
Delphos Country Club
Pine Hills Golf Club
Deer Creek Golf Course
Champions Golf Course
Heather Downs Golf Course

To qualify for the Tom Frazier Memorial State Championship Tournament, your score must be as follows:
BOYS, Ages 14-18
Top 25% of field
GIRLS, Ages 15-18
Score 90 or Less
BOYS, Ages 12-13
Score 90 or Less
GIRLS, Ages 13-14
Score 95 or Less
BOYS, Ages 10-11
Score 96 or Less
GIRLS, Ages 10-12
Score 100 or Less

Tournament fee is $80.00 and covers the cost for both the pre-qualifier tournament and the Ohio District Championship at Tam O’Shanter. Registration must be received by April 28, 2014. LATE REGISTRATIONS ARE UP TO THE DISCRETION OF LOCAL TOURNAMENT CHAIRMAN.

Qualifiers from each Pre-Qualifier region advance to the Ohio Optimist International Junior Golf Championship Tom Frazier Memorial. This will be held on June 16, 2014 at the Tam O'Shanter Golf Course, 5055 Hills & Dales Road N.W., Canton, OH 44708, (330) 477-5111.

Boys, in four age divisions, and girls, in three age divisions, may qualify to compete in the Optimist International Junior Golf Championship at the PGA National Resorts & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on July 19-24, 2014 for boys (ages 10-15) and girls (ages 10-14) and July 24-29, 2014 for boys (ages 16-18) and girls (ages 15-18).

A golfer’s division is based on his/her age on July 23, 2014 (for Boys 10-11, 12-13, 14-15 and Girls 10-12, 13-14 divisions) and July 29, 2014 (for Boys 16-18 and Girls 15-18 divisions). Contestants cannot have attended college to compete in this tournament. This does not include those taking post-secondary classes.

In 2010 there was a change in the qualifying for the Optimist International Championship Tournament in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We are now allotted a certain number of positions for each age group. The numbers are as follows:
BOYS, Ages 16-18
20 Positions - Must Score 76 or Lower
GIRLS, Ages 15-18
16 Positions - Must Score 83 or Lower
BOYS, Ages 14-15
9 Positions - Must Score 81 or Lower
GIRLS, Ages 13-14
4 Positions - Must Score 90 or Lower
BOYS, Ages 12-13
4 Positions - Must Score 88 or Lower
GIRLS, Ages 10-12
4 Positions - Must Score 94 or Lower
BOYS, Ages 10-11
2 Position - Must Score 94 or Lower


The top boy and girl in each age group at the OHIO OPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP AT TAM O'SHANTER GOLF COURSE IN CANTON, will receive $500 for expenses and their registration paid to the OPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP (The Optimist) IN PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA! All other qualifiers must pay their own expenses.

Trophies and awards will be presented to the winners at the pre-qualifier tournaments as well as the District and International Championship. You must be an Ohio resident to win all expenses paid trip to Florida.

District Chairman:
Ken MacDonald
2438 Lyndon Drive
Uniontown, Ohio 44685-8337
Home: (330) 699-5272
Fax: (330) 861-3301
E-mail: kmacdon@uakron.edu
Assistant District Chairman:
Rick Buchanan
6914 Asbury Circle NE
Canton, Ohio 45685
Home: (330) 497-8149
Work: (330) 497-8250
E-mail: rlbuchanan@neo.rr.com


For additional information, contact the Pre-Qualifier Chairman in your area:
J.E. Good Park Golf Course

Ken MacDonald
2438 Lyndon Drive
Uniontown, Ohio 44685-8337
Home: (330) 699-5272
Cell: (330) 813-7234
E-mail: kmacdon@uakron.edu
Community Golf Course

Mike Klopfer
4004 Locust Bend Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45440
Home: (937) 848-4440
E-mail: mklopfer@earthlink.net
Beckett Ridge Golf Club

Patrick Hughes
4378 Rita Mae Drive
Fairfield, Ohio 45014
Home: (513) 642-2998
Work: (513) 728-1325
E-mail: pathughes@cinci.rr.com
Delphos Country Club

Roger Gossman
531 E 4th Street
Delphos, Ohio 45833
Home: (419) 692-3391
Work: (419) 692-4653
Fax: (419) 692-4653
E-mail: vickigossman@yahoo.com
Pine Hills Golf Club

Dave Moskal
2077 Newbury Oval
Hinckley, Ohio 44233
Cell: (440) 346-6751
E-mail: dmgolfpro@aol.com
Deer Creek Golf Course

Don Newell
7211 Country Lane Road
Hubbard, Ohio 44425
Home: (330) 534-0105
Office: (330) 534-3192
E-mail: rtg000@aol.com
Champions Golf Course

Bob Fitzpatrick
1803 Hickory Hill Drive
Plain City, Ohio 43228
Home: (614) 876-9866
Cell: (614) 314-4775
E-mail: bobfitz@columbus.rr.com
Heather Downs Golf Course

Ed Jacobs
3124 Lambert Drive
Toledo, Ohio 43613
Home: (419) 475-1750
E-mail: ujt@toast.net

Financial Aid: Many Optimist Clubs will offer financial assistance to help pay entry fees. Contact your nearest Optimist Club or your area Chairman for assistance.