Ohio District Leadership Team

Ohio District Executive Committee

Governor Bill Stone
Governor-Elect Tom Kennedy
Immediate Past Governor Greg Griffin
Past Governor Jennifer Kendo
District Secretary Jean Pummill
District Treasurer Sarah Umbreit
Assistant to the Governor Tom Kendo

Lieutenant Governors

Zone 1 Charles Hillman
Zone 2 Kevin Zehe
Zone 3 TBD
Zone 4 Fred Miller
Zone 5 Justin Spivey
Zone 6 Brenda Moore
Zone 7 Greg Wasmund
Zone 8 Benjamin Dibble
Zone 9 Craig Dring
Zone 10 McKenzie Morin

Optimist International Appointments

Internet Communications Patrick Arehart
Optimist Foundation Representative Jennifer Kendo
Optimist International Ambassador Jennifer Kendo
PDP – PGI District Chair Debbie Walsh

2022-2023 District Chairs for Oratorical, Essay, and CCDHH Contests and Kids Speak Out

Oratorical Contest and Kids Speak Out

Debe Dockins, Chair
Email: debed87@gmail.com   

Essay Contest

Judy Martinson, Chair
Email: judith.martinson@sbcglobal.net

CCDHH Contest

Paul Boyer, Chair
Email: jpaulboyer5@gmail.com

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