Message from Governor Tom – We’re the #2 District – Let’s Be #1 Again!

My fellow Ohio Optimists please give me your attention!

As most members know, the Great Ohio District has been the Number 1 District in membership growth in all of Optimist International from October until March! Congratulations and thank you to all Ohio Optimists for adding new members and building new Optimist Clubs! With 67 Optimist Clubs and 2262 Optimist members, Ohio is one of the largest and Strongest Districts in the world!

 On March 3, 2018, the South Florida District added 61 coaches as members of a sports Club and became net plus 58 members in the District for March! Good for the Optimists of South Florida! Unfortunately, South Florida became Number 1 and the Ohio District dropped to Number 2. I know that Number 2 out of 49 Districts is good ?!! But we want to be Number 1, we want to be Great! We need everyone to join us to make the Great Ohio District Number 1 ️ again!

 As of today, we only need to add a net plus 40 members, and we will be Number 1 again!

How can you help and be the Difference? Easy, just ask one ️ person to join your Club!

If everyone would please ask one person we will be Number 1 ️ again! I believe in you and your ability to ask and bring in just one member! You can do it and together we will be Number 1 again! Thank you in advance for your help and encouragement for the success of others! Together we are Optimist Strong ? !! Together we are going to be the Difference for the Great Ohio District! We’re going to be Number 1  ️ again!

 Stay Optimist Strong,

Governor Tom Kendo T- he Great Ohio District of Optimist International

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