Governor Letter – 2nd Quarter Conference

Ohio Optimists

We have ended our first quarter of the 2018-2019 Optimist 100 – Promise Yourself, Centennial Year.  THank you to the individuals who have sponsored members during the first quarter, and to the one club that sponsored and built a new club in October. Congrats to the Zones that are plus in membership. You are appreciated!  Please keep it going. We are working on our “Road to Success”.

Currently, Ohio is lagging behind other districts. We cannot rest on our laurels from last year when we were ranked number one for the majority of the year. Thus far, we have not made it into ranking into the top three districts. I want to see us change that. We have ranked in the top ten and for that I am grateful. Thank you!

We have a lot of work to do. Please help by asking someone to join your club, help build new clubs (adult, club within a club, adult special needs, college clubs, and JOI clubs). If you need help, we have a team for new club development ready to assist you. Contact me about new clubs in the works. Do you need help promoting membership and/or having a NOW (NEW OPTIMISTS WELCOME) meeting to recruit members for your club? We have people ready and willing to help you and your club.  Just ASK!

I believe in you and all that you can achieve. I enjoy seeing photos of your projects, events and new member inductions. You are helping children in your communities and that is what it’s all about. Keep posting your photos on Facebook. Joining the Ohio Optimist Facebook page. Keep bringing out the best in kids!

The second quarter’s theme is “Have a Heart! Do your Part”. I’ll have a few special awards to present at this conference. I look forward to seeing and recognizing some more first timers to a district conference too.  Plan to attend and join the fun. We will be having some special guests in attendance, who look forward to hearing about the great things going on in Ohio. Our Regional Vice-President Cherryl Thames will be visiting and we will also have Tracy Huckley, OI Leadership Development Chair here as well.  Cherryl is traveling from Michigan to be with us, and Tracy is traveling from Canada. We are also looking forward to a return visit with Past Vice President Bob McFadyen and his wife Penn – who are also traveling from Canada to be with us. On Saturday evening, we will celebrate the accomplishments from 2017-2019 at the Awards Banquet, when Past Governor Tom Kendo will be announcing awards.

Yours in Optimist

Gov. Sue Armstrong

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