Important Message from OI Leadership Development Committee

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To: Northeast and Great Lakes Region District Leadership Chairs and Governors

I am your OI Leadership Committee Liaison and I wanted to give you this list of two upcoming Webinars and also the many Webinar Replays that can be viewed at anytime. Please share this information with your Club Leadership Chairs and Club Presidents so they may share with the members in their Clubs.

As you are communicating the great Webinars available please communicate the following:

Upcoming Ottawa Convention – July 8-10 – Pre-Registration Requirements

Pre-Registration for all Workshops and Training at Convention

As the Leadership Development Committee continues to strive to make the annual Convention the premiere training event for our organization, the Committee wants to see what types of training our Convention Attendees like and which sessions they are attending.

This year, there will be Pre-Registration for all training sessions being offered at the Convention.  This process was initiated last year on a small scale with pre-registration being requested to attend the officer-elects training.  This year, the committee is asking everyone to sign-up for the training sessions during the Convention.  This process offers a couple of advantages in that, if an Attendee is signed up for a training session, they will receive the handouts for the session as long as they are in the session no later than five minutes after the session starts and stay for all of the training.   Additionally, if a particular session has to be canceled before the Convention begins, the Attendee can be notified and choose another session to attend.  In addition, the pre-registration process will help Attendees plan for the training that will best benefit them as individuals and as a result, provide the best training opportunities overall to meet their needs.

This process does not mean that Convention attendees cannot choose which sessions they would like to attend once they get to the Convention, it simply means that there will not be any handouts available for them until after they return home after Convention.  Any attendees may request the handouts after convention and they will receive a link to a Dropbox folder where they can download any of the handouts they would like.  

The Leadership Development committee believes that having the Pre-Registration process will offer the opportunity to add additional sessions if needed or to replace a workshop that is not drawing interest.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Officer-Elect Reports for 2018-2019 Optimist Year Need to be submitted on or before May 20th.  This is really important so that the Club Officers can receive important materials from Optimist International.

Thanks for your support!

 Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime:

 (H) – 585-889-7468

(C) – 585-703-8190

 Optimistically Yours,

 Teri Davis

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