Ohio District’s FANTASTIC FINISH for 2017-18

My fellow Ohio District Optimists: I want to say Thank you ? to every single Optimist who sponsored a member during the month of September! We added 138 New Members to the Great Ohio District in September! Minus the 31 Members deleted by Clubs, left us with an incredible Net +107 for the month! Congratulations to everyone who helped the District make a difference for the youth of Ohio!

Now to give away my money… The winner of the random drawing for a $100 gift card for September was Connie Krites of Wapakoneta Noon Optimist Club! Congratulations! The winner of the August drawing for a $100 gift card was Kevin Wieging of the Optimist Club of Delphos! Congratulations! The two winners of the $100 gift cards for New Club Building for August and September were Cherie Gentry of the Monroe Area Optimist Club and Myron Rheaume of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club! Congratulations!

The winners will receive the gift cards at the First Quarter District Conference in Columbus on October 26-28, 2018. If a winner doesn’t attend the Conference, I will send the gift cards to you via your Lt. Governor of your Zone. I will now be sleeping on the sofa when First Lady Jennifer finds out that I gave away $400 in gift cards for the Contest. ?‍♀️

The results of the Optimist Strong year will not be finalized until October 10, 2018. I will report those results via the District Website and Facebook and via email when I have the final results! Stay tuned and start working on building New Clubs and adding new members for Governor Sue Armstrong on the Road to Success in the Centennial Year of Optimism! #100

Stay Optimist Strong!

Immediate Past Governor Tom Kendo The Great Ohio District of Optimist International