OI President Nick’s Second Quarter Incentive – NEW OPTIMISTS WANTED!

President Nick’s 2nd Quarter Incentive

The growth of our Clubs is the main priority for the health and success of Optimist International. The 2nd Quarter Incentive is targeted at our local Clubs to encourage them to add new adult Optimist Members. Additionally, new Junior Optimist Clubs are a key to future successes and an area of opportunity. Roll-up banners are a sought after item for Clubs and Optimist road signs are a valuable tool for local branding and marketing of our Clubs in their local communities.

Recruit seven new Members into any adult Optimist Club OR charter a new Junior Optimist Club in the 2nd Quarter and receive your choice of:

·     Roll-up Optimist Creed banner

·     Roll-up Optimist Purposes banner

·     Optimist road sign

For questions, contact [email protected].


Stay Optimist Strong,

Governor Tom Kendo

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