A message from incoming Governor, Tom Kendo

As governor for the great Ohio District of Optimist International I will create an environment of empowerment through the district, which provides our  leadership and each of our members a level of fulfillment that exceeds any of our Service Club competition. Providing knowledge inspiration guidance and support I will develop a strong organization from the top down. This will enable the great Ohio District to sustain itself and to continue to strengthen Optimist International.

Our team strength will be to start strong and attack growth, leadership development, team building and marketing initiatives. My goal will be clearly defined, like building at least one new club each quarter, and adding at least 175 new members to The District. “Optimist Strong – be the difference” is our motto in The 2017-2018 Optimist year I want every Ohio Optimist to be the difference every Ohio Optimist will make the Ohio District great again.

I personally welcome all new club presidents secretaries treasures and all Club leaders to attend all three District conferences in Columbus Ohio at the Embassy Suites Dublin in October, February, and May. I challenge every Ohio Optimist to attend at least one of the three and I ask all of you to attend the Ohio district convention in Fairborn at the Holiday Inn,  August 16th thru 18th in 2018. Step up and be the difference by just asking one person to join an Optimist Club this year! Help me by building at least four new Optimist clubs in Ohio this year.

I will have fun and fellowship at every single meeting, conference and Convention in The 2017-2018 Optimist Strong year. If it is not fun to volunteer to help children and be a part of an organization of like-minded individuals, then who will want to be in Ohio Optimist? I am the Optimist most into fun and fellowship and the great Ohio district, and everyone knows that, yet they elected me Governor. Get ready to have fun!

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